Nayna Patel

Nayna Patel

About me

I have been in the NHS caring profession for the past ten years and during this time decided to embark on a counselling career. I had exhausted the corporate life of running an IT business and know the stresses that can place individually and on family life.


My work

Talking with friends and family is invaluable, but sometimes it might feel too risky to expose them to your inner thoughts and feelings. This is when having your own private space to express and explore what you are experiencing may become helpful and attractive to you. That’s where I come in as your personal counsellor – psychotherapist.

Making the decision to approach therapy or counselling is a positive step. Helping you to gain a greater understanding in finding the resources to make those changes. It can also lead to self-discovery and self-awareness to live a more fulfilling life and to have more meaningful interpersonal relationships. You may be deciding to seek therapy because you are feeling low or in distress, or confused with painful feelings that you do not understand, but you may also be coming from a place of curiosity. I am here to guide you through this process.

I work in a collaborative way with every person to meet them at their point in their life’s journey. ‘Together we explore’ what you are experiencing – how you feel, what you think, what you think others’ expectations are of who you are, what your taken-for-granted attitudes are, how your values maybe challenged – so in counselling together, you can see yourself with clarity, thus enabling growth to happen.

No judgement is passed between us, confidentiality will be maintained as therapy is a process and journey of discovery, which most of us would never embark upon if it were not for the problems or challenges we suddenly encounter; yet it is an enriching process for each client.

My approach is based on Carl Rogers’s (1902-1987) Humanistic theories working with you at your pace, where human experience is believed to be the cause of current perception, you are the vessel and therapy is the journey to help you unravel the narrative of your inner heart. With my passion to help you explore and understand yourself in both past and present, using early childhood experience, cultural beliefs, gender restrains or present day difficulties in shaping our patterns of relating and our sense of self. I offer the core conditions of empathy (sharing and understanding your feelings), congruence (being genuine and open to your experiences) and unconditional positive regard (fully accepting you for what you bring, and who you are), to help give you the right conditions for personal discovery and growth.


Code of Ethics

I follow the BACP ethical frame of conduct.



I trained at the Middlesex University and gained their BACP Accredited Diploma in Counselling / Foundation Degree in Counselling. Over the years I have added to this core training in Person Centered Theory

I am currently embarking on a certificate course in, On-line counselling therapy


Past experience

In the past I have been involved in helping with Drugs and Alcohol support.


Languages Spoken

English, Gujarati


Professional Affiliations

I am registered with BACP (British Association of counselling and psychotherapists) and BAATN (Black African Asian therapists’ network)



Individual sessions range from £55 – £70 per 50 minute session each week.