Tania Perotta Clarke

Tania Perotta Clarke

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Tania is a fully qualified and experienced psychotherapist. She is a member of the FPC (Foundation for Psychotherapy and Counselling). Tania currently works in private practice alongside her work as a low cost/NHS Counsellor for their IAPT Services (Improving Access to Psychological Therapies) in the borough of Lambeth.

People seek help from a therapist for all sort of very individual reasons. Often, these have to do with experiencing difficult or unmanageable emotions. Loss, anger, loneliness, relation difficulties, feeling unhappy, confused or unfulfilled are some of the issues that one might want explore in therapy.

Tania allows patients a unique space in which to explore their feelings, doubts and concerns in a confidential environment. When feeling safe, we are more likely to further develop as individuals while getting closer to our true selves. The exploration of unconscious conflicts, facilitated by the therapeutic relationship, often gives insight into issues previously unknown, as well as opening up new possibilities.



I am a fully qualified Psychodynamic Psychotherapy trained at WPF Therapy and graduated from Roehampton University.

I have a Certificate in Psychoanalytical Psychology from Birkbeck College, University of London,

I completed a training in Mindfulness for Practitioners.


Past experience

As a psychodynamic psychotherapist I have experience in both long-term, open-ended psychodynamic psychotherapy and time limited work.I have always been interested in the emotional life of individuals and how that has come to develop. I believe the way we are cared for as children has a great impact on the way we build our lives as adults.


How much does it cost?

My fee is between £35-£55 per session, depending on what is affordable for you.


How long does the treatment last?

Psychodynamic psychotherapy it’s typically open ended, which means the finishing date is not agreed at the start. Instead of being a prescriptive type of therapy, it is one in which your narrative will unfold at its own pace.

Nonetheless, it is possible to meet for a fixed period of 6 or 12 weeks if you would like to work with a more focused approach.


How long are the sessions?

Each weekly session lasts 50 minutes.


I have often heard that talking therapy is helpful to people, but what do I need to talk about?

In therapy you may talk about absolutely anything you want. If you feel you have nothing to bring, you can just say that. Yet, most people want to explore their concerns, confusions, history, hopes, wishes, emotional distress, fears, feelings and thoughts.


Code of Ethics

I abide by the FPC Code of Ethics


Languages Spoken

English and Spanish