The Connected Baby

November 24, 2013

Recently (15/11/2013) Professor  Colwyn Trevarthen  presented at ULU the latest findings  that point towards what many of us have felt intuitively namely that babies arrive already tuned in to other people’s body rhythms, vocal tones and movements. This makes them much more communicative and sophisticated than we often realise.

A free download of  the pdf version of the powerpoint presented at a recent CABP CPD event is available here: Click here to dwonload the pdf

To get a really good flavour of what Trevarthen presented  we  highly recommend  viewing the film ‘the connected baby’:

Click here for more  information about the film and how to purchase it.

A brief clip from the dvd is available on youtube: click here to view it on youtube

Many ideas presented by Trevarthen  are shown including clips with Trevarthen  himself.